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SOBTI ™ and Paolo Lapini creations Handmade Italian Leather Smartphone Case and Bracelet Made of 9k Gold

SOBTI ™ 100% Handmade Italian Leather Smartphone Case and Bracelet made of 9k Gold, ‘EXCLUSIVELY MADE FOR YOU’ on orders. Made using the finest Italian leather and stitched with 9k Gold wiring.

Our artist, Mohinder Pal Singh Sobti, also known as Sobti did it again. A year ago, he was first to launch the fashion style of a unique set of Executive / Casual bag with smart phone case, wallet, and wrist-watch strap all made from the same leather and style. And today, on June 15th. 2017 he has done it again, this time, targeting the fine luxury fashion lifestyle with his; Handmade Italian leather smartphone case with bracelet, both made of the same leather, bought from the finest tanneries who are registered with the Italian Leather Consortium and, stitched with 9k Gold wiring, by his partner artist from Florence, in Italy by Paolo Lapini.

This stands out as one of the most authentic and quality fashion lifestyle for those who truly believe in Making a Statement

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