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Handmade Baltic Amber Jewellery by Laima Varnytė

Born in Latvia and living between Latvia and Lithuania during her early teens, Laima Varnytė, has an artistic blend of the rich cultural heritage of Latvia and Lithuania in her works of arts. A bit camera shy, and smiling often, she shared some of her early life experiences with the founders on our Bobbelia, and, having found a true Artist in her, we pride to market her Handmade Baltic Amber Jewellery, which she handcrafts ‘exclusively’ for our Bobbelia luxury fashion store.

As a child she traveled between Latvia and Lithuania to her grandparents, and often spent her times by the Baltic sea, exploring its natural beauty and listening to the ‘songs of the sea’ – as she said, which has always made her feel she could feel and communicate with nature and its wisdom. She first handcrafted her small selection of her necklace and bracelest during her very early teens, from the Natural Baltic Amber she collected or found or got from her surroundings. Little she knew then, that, this would become her love, passion, hobby and eventually her works of arts too.

Her love for her arts, and her humble and candid nature influenced us at Bobbelia to partner together with her, to carry her works of arts. And, we are glad to be associated with her and market some fine authentic and quality Handmade Baltic Amber Jewellery by Laima Varnytė, made exclusively for our Bobbelia luxury fashion store

Laima Varnytė can be reach on her email:

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